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Safety - The #1 Reason Commercial Vehicles Must Keep Headlights Clean


Over time headlights will become oxidized and turn cloudy. This reduces the light output from the light bulb making it difficult to see at night and in severe weather.

Rather than replacing the entire headlight assembly, it makes economical since to have them cleaned instead. With a fleet of vehicles this could be a savings of thousands of dollars and for commercial truckers this could mean hundreds of dollars in savings. HeadLight Action are the experts who can have your fleet of vehicles looking like new in no time. Give us a call for a free consultation.

Fleet Vehicles


Some fleet managers don’t think cloudy headlights can become a hazer because their vehicles don’t operation at night.

But what about dark rainy days? It only takes one accident to change the future of a business. We urge managers to make a small investment and service their fleets headlights. It will be the best decision you will ever make.

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Commercial Truck Headlight Cleaning

As a trucker you have to keep those wheels moving to make a living. Many truckers drive in all types of weather and conditions and of course safety is priority. However, when was the last time you checked your headlights? Are they bright enough? Is your visibility impaired at night and on cloudy days?

If so, the time is now to get those headlights cleaned by HeadLight Action. We serve the needs of just about any type of truck such as: light, medium and heavy-duty trucks. Also, tractor trailers and semi-trucks.

Commercial Truck Headlight Cleaning: $149
Includes both headlights

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