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Before the early 90’s virtually all auto manufacturers were using glass to make car headlights. The reality is that glass headlights are expensive and today, they have been replaced with polycarbonate plastic.

Using plastic for headlights have been a money saver for auto manufacturers, it’s been a headache for car owners. The big problem that all drivers will face at one point or another is oxidation on the headlight surface making them cloudy and denying light to shine through.

Oxidation occurs as a result of weather and aging of the plastic surface, causing the head lamp to start yellowing and fogging. The cloudiness occurs when the clear coat wears off and fades. Restoring a car’s headlight lens increases light output, which improves safety and enhances clarity for an attractive appearance.

SAFETY - The #1 Reason to Keep Headlights Clean
All US vehicles must follow headlight maintenance laws to ensure the safety of all drivers. In most states, fading and cloudy headlights is a violation and may not pass vehicle state inspection. The video from Channel 2 News explains the importance of clean headlights and safety. It’s a must see.

At HeadLight Action, we take cleaning and restoring headlights seriously. In the US, there are thousands of accidents from drivers who did not see what was in front of them. Keeping your headlights clear from oxidation is a must and a safety responsibility.

We guarantee to remove the oxidation from the headlight of any vehicle or the service is FREE. Come and see why we are the #1 headlight restoration company in Dallas/ Fort Worth Texas.


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To clean two headlights it takes about 60 minutes and half that time to clean one headlight. It takes about 30 minutes to restore car trim.

Yes! You may drop off your car and we will text you when the service is completed. In fact, many of our customers drop off their car in the morning before work and pick it up afterwards.

We guarantee to remove the oxidation from any vehicle or the service is FREE! Please note that we make no claims to remove scratches, condensation or to repair broken headlights. You may review or terms of service for additional information regarding our guarantee. We are located at:

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